Storage Unit Honey Bees Memphis, TN

When you enter a storage unit, do you ever look up? Have you ever wondered what may be above your head. You know spiders and roaches may be on the floor, but what else may be lurking in the shadows? Maybe honey bees…

This is what was just inside the door of a local storage unit in Memphis, TN. The comb and bees were removed and relocated to Bartlett, TN. The queen was found and has been marked for tracking purposes in her new home.

Look up when entering a storage unit.

Look up when entering a storage unit.



Three combs afixed to cinder blocks

Three combs affixed to cinder blocks






David Glover

AS, BS, MBA, Mensa Desert Storm Veteran - Electronic Warfare Technician Biomedical Engineer, Operations Manager Master Beekeeper - Wrangler - Rescuer

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