Doctor, Doctor?

Okay, I had a totally “Twilight Zone” experience today:

Yellow Jacket Combs w/brood

Yellow Jacket Combs

I was called out to check on some bees in a horse barn.They ended up being yellow jackets nesting in the ground at the corner of the barn.

After removing them and making the barn safe again for the way-friendly horses, I got into a conversation with the home owner, which started with “So, what got you started working with honey bees?”

As I told my story, Ehud told me about a patient he’d treated in the ER, who “rescues honey bees” in the Memphis area by “removing them from houses and setting them up in hive boxes on farms in the Mid-South.” (Sound familiar?)

Yes, it took a few moments to realize that we had actually had this conversation back in September 2012 as he treated me in the ER for separated ribs. (In my defense he didn’t look like the doctor who had treated me. He didn’t have his white jacket on or his¬†stethoscope out, and I wasn’t in any pain.)

Thank you Dr. Kamin for taking care of me last year and for the opportunity to help you this year. (I gave my business card to his wife this time.)

David Glover

AS, BS, MBA, Mensa Desert Storm Veteran - Electronic Warfare Technician Biomedical Engineer, Operations Manager Master Beekeeper - Wrangler - Rescuer

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