Monday, the Commercial Appeal ran an article about KILLER BEES  in Tennessee as a follow-up to a farmer getting killed in Moody, TX. It’s a shame that the term KILLER BEES was ever used to describe the Africanized honey bee. All bees sting in defense of their hives. This breed is just faster to sting and does so with more bees.

What most people fail to realize is that just about every hives south of the border is Africanized, yet people still go to Cozumel and Rio for vacation and come back without being killed by KILLER BEES… The beekeepers down there manage KILLER BEES as their honey producers and pollinators.

Yes, that breed of bees is more aggressive, but the take away on this article should be, if you have bees on your property, in your house or in a tree, call someone who is trained to remove them (like me). Don’t try to kill them yourself (unless you really do know what you’re doing) and don’t flip out running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Running around willy nilly never really helped anyone.

Whether the bees are Africanized, Russian or whatever, beekeepers everywhere are dealing with aggressive hives the way they always have. When a hive is overly aggressive, it can be fixed by replacing the aggressive traited queen with a queen with milder behavioral traits. That’s really what we do.We re-queen the hive with a more docile queen. Within 6 weeks, all the mean bees die out and the hatching brood from the new queen are more mellow. It’s the Zen of beekeeping, and it really works.

David Glover

AS, BS, MBA, Mensa Desert Storm Veteran - Electronic Warfare Technician Biomedical Engineer, Operations Manager Master Beekeeper - Wrangler - Rescuer

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