Saturday in Collierville, TN

I took my wife with me to be my flunky. She took her latest copy of People to read. Trust me. When you’re sitting on top of a ladder, it’s nice to have someone else available to run around getting tools and other things for you (She’s pretty patient, most of the time). Running up and down a ladder may be great fun at the gym, but when you’re bundled up in a bee suit and dripping with honey and wax, it really is nice to just sit in place and have someone else get things for you.

So here is the bee removal with which she helped:

Deb and Paul Parker called several pest control companies for help with a bee issue. One of them, Foundation Pest Control, told them to call us. Thanks guys! This photo is above their entryway. If you were walking up to their front door and could make it past the bees flying in and out, the bees would be about 10 feet above your left shoulder as you rang their doorbell.


I removed the ceiling area where the bees were and found the bees farther to the left, above the stone wall.


I then vacuumed the hanging bees out of the way to get a better idea of what needed to be done. What is not shown well in the photos is that the spot directly below the colony… has no bottom! That’s an empty void! Any comb cut, and not caught, would’ve fallen all the way down. Or put another way, the bees had about 12 cubic feet of space (straight down) to build in. They also had that same amount of space going to the right 3 more feet, for a total of about 36 cubic feet of space for their new home!!! I had to use blank foundation to catch the combs as I removed them.


Here is a closer look at the pristine white comb, the nectar being converted to honey, and the new brood being covered with tan cappings.

100_2821 100_2822

One final look and photo op, a few bees to vacuum, and then we were done. Julie was a trooper for it all, and I believe she finished her People…


David Glover

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