Bees near Elvis Presley Blvd

Everyone knows there is a Tornado Alley from north Texas, running northeast through Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas, into Kansas and Missouri. I just found Honey Bee Alley. It is near the drainage aqueduct on Haleville rd. in Memphis, TN. I have been called to this specific area 4 times now.

This house has had  (in different parts) colonies of bees for years. This is the second time I have removed bees from it.The first hive was  between the 1st and 2nd floors in the floor joists. The second hive was below the front balcony.


The pest strip at the right is good for preventing bugs from moving into a home, but it is only good while the chemical is active. You also have to make sure nothing has moved in before you place it. These bees walked willy-nilly all over that thing.

After removing the face board, I drilled a pilot hole so I could scope the hive location.

100_2779 100_2780 

Generally, when I do this, bees start popping out immediately. These were very reluctant to show themselves. Actually, they were almost shy about it, and when I removed them, they were very peaceful for the whole ordeal.

The scope showed that the best access would be made by removing the ceiling below the balcony. And here they are…


This was all brand new comb. The hive was removed and the bees vacuumed. They are now located in a hive body in Bartlett, TN. Here shortly they will be relocated to an apple farm in Arkansas. I will be helping the owner start his own hives. His harvests have been small and he remembers that while his Dad had bees the harvests were more productive.

FYI, the seeds in apples have to be pollinated for the flesh of the apples to grow well. It works with watermelons also (ignore the seedless ones). If you have ever seen a lopsided watermelon, you now know why it grew that way.  

David Glover

AS, BS, MBA, Mensa Desert Storm Veteran - Electronic Warfare Technician Biomedical Engineer, Operations Manager Master Beekeeper - Wrangler - Rescuer

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